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Traditional Chinese set

Traditional Chinese set


  • Details

    Bamboo tray (Medium)

    QTY in set : 1

    Dimension : W49.5cm x D25cm x H3.5cm 

    Capacity : 1350 ml

    Weigh : 1.8 kg

    Material : Wood



    Yixing pot

    Dimension : W11.5cm x D8cm x H7.5cm
    Capacity : 120 ml
    Material : clay

    Care :

    Rinse the teapot with boiling water before using.

    For the first time use, simmer the teapot with warm water or tea.


    After using the tea pot, wash with water ( do not use any washing soap ) and rinse with boiling water again.

    open the lid and make sure that it has no water left. Recommended to sun drying and let it be exposed to sun or wind time to time.



    Traditional Cup (Medium)

    QTY in set : 2

    Dimension : W8cm x D8cm x H5cm 

    Capacity : 100 ml



    Ultra-fine sieve (small)

    QTY in set : 1

    Dimension : φ6.5cm x L16.5cm x H3.5cm

    Material : stainless

฿9,440.00 ราคาปกติ
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